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Star Trek Generations Lieutenant Commander William Riker Action Figure

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Generations Lieutenant Commander William


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Star Trek - Generations Lieutenant Commander William Riker NIP Action Figure from the 1994 toy series. He has at the moment assumed the duties of captain, following the disappearance of Picard in to the mysterious space anomaly, identified because the Nexus Ribbon. Subject: Riker, William Thomas Species: Human / Male Rank: Lieutenant Commander Born: 2335, Earth, Valdez, Alaska Lt. His first assignment was aboard the U. S. S. Pegasus. Riker has declined command appointments aboard the U. S. S. Aries and U. S. S. Melbourne, favoring to continue his profession under the leadership of Captain Picard. Commander William Riker has served on numerous Starfleet vessels. He turned down the opportunity to command the U. S. S. Drake and accepted an executive officership aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, serving under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. After transferring for the U. S. S. Hood, Riker assumed the duties of executive officer. Commander. Following a brief term on the planet Betazed, Riker served as a lieutenant on the U. S. S. Potemkin. His valorous leadership and command of a successful rescue mission to planet Nevala IV resulted in his promotion to Lt.


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