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Star Trek - Uss Enterprise Iconic Vehicle

Uss Enterprise Iconic Vehicle5 Star Rating
Uss Enterprise Iconic Vehicle
Uss Enterprise Iconic Is The Best Hero Toy

One of the many key features for this item is the join the resurgence of the star trek revolution!. Additional features include delta shield display base, real kirk and spock dialogue and ship pivots on base full 360 degrees. It's 12"H x 17.5"L x 5"W. It weighs just about 1.7 lbs. Model# 0043377619314. Brand new Uss Enterprise Iconic Vehicle .

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Product Info

Now you can take manage of the galaxy's best-known ship with the Star Trek USS Enterprise Iconic Vehicle. It is modeled appropriate after the NCC-1701 Enterprise -- the version of the Enterprise that appears inside the 2009 Star Trek film. Designed for ages four and older, this meticulously detailed replica employing the Starship Enterprise. Featuring glowing blue lights and sound clips from the movie, the replica comes using a display stand, allowing you to dock the starship on your desk or in your display cabinet. U. S. S. Enterprise VehicleAges: 4+Requires:3"AAA"batteries (not included)

What We ThinkFun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Novelty factor: The Good: Carefully detailed replica with sounds and dialogue from the 2009 movie. Authentic Detail and Movie Sounds With this replica, the modelers at Playmates have accurately recreated the 2009 version of the Enterprise to the finest detail. The ship's deflector and warp engine nacelles also light up and blink with a blue glow. View bigger. The primary"saucer"area has been sculpted to imitate the contoured surface from the original ship, and capabilities painted windows and insignias. View larger. This model with every of the Starship Enterprise tends to make a fine addition to any collector's cabinet. In a Nutshell: A solid collectors item for fans of the 2009 film. Atop the saucer is the Enterprise's bridge, which lights up with the push of a button. Based on the NCC-1701 Enterprise model, the replica comes getting a sleek blue display stand. The Challenging: Replica according to movie and not original Star Trek television show. Constructed completely from plastic, it measures a foot in length and is about six inches across.

Upon pressing the button, you'll also be treated to sound effects taken straight from the film. You'll hear the engine roar and the Bussard collectors whirring. The replica even plays back true dialogue between Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto ).

It should be noted that this replica is depending on the movie, and is not based on the classic NCC-1701 design from the original Star Trek series. Still, this can be the excellent model for any serious fan inside the 2009 movie. The primary hull inside the original ship has been"smoothed out"for a sleeker, streamlined shape. The Enterprise was reinvented for the latest movie and features an updated, a lot more modern appear.


  • Features USS Enterprise sound effects
  • Real Kirk and Spock dialogue
  • Join the resurgence of the Star Trek revolution!
  • Ship pivots on base full 360 degrees
  • Delta Shield Display Base
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 12" Length: 17.5" Depth: 5"
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 5" Length: 17.5" Width: 11.9"
  • Package Weight: 1.2 lbs.

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